12 - 13 February, 2019 | Parkroyal Hotel Darling Harbour, Sydney, NSW

Akash Jha

Director,Store Planning -Asia, Middle East & Africa
Levis Strauss

11:50 AM Levis’ New Concept Based on Consumer Insights and Data

Levis is an international clothing company known for inventing the blue jeans. Its stores in the Asia Pacific region have been evolving with consumer behaviour and aim to have consistent branding throughout the regions but give a personalised twist to the local tastes. The design of their stores focus on using consumer insights and customising the store to have local experience but still maintain the Global brand standards.

In this Session..
  • Understanding the change in consumer shopping behavior
  • Differentiating between the needs of different cultures to cater to their needs
  • Creating a guided exploration of the store for customers through retail design

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