Transforming the Instore Experience Through Customer Centricity, Design and Technology

With many retailers seeing investments in digital store experience pay off with increased sales, 87% of ‘future shoppers’ still prefer the instore experience.

The fear of no longer being able to beat competition on price has given rise to an emphasis on using stores to build engagement and channel the customer experience in order to drive loyalty and customer retention.

As a result, your role as an instore innovator is becoming more important than ever. With this rapid pace of change and many unknowns – turning a digital concept into a reality can be a huge challenge. To help you benchmark with those that are best in class, we bring you Future Stores, the only event dedicated for bricks and mortar innovators from Australia’s most progressive retailers.

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Why Attend Future Stores

Drive ROI and sales

by exploring leading strategies and case studies about optimizing your retail network and distribution strategy and boosting instore customer experience.

Learn how to organise

your people, processes and technology to foster a culture of innovation that keeps you ahead of the game and retail competition.

Evaluate leading edge

approaches for creating a customer-centric shopping experience, increasing consumer engagement and boosting sales.

Gain insights

on how the entrance of pute players to the high street is disrupting the future of the marketplace and what you can do to stay competitive.

Benchmark against

the retail market at Australia’s first and only event focused on instore experience.

Benefit from over 12+ hours

of quality networking with Heads and Directors of Retail, Operations, Property, Retail Distribution, Channels Retail Design, Customer Experience, Stores, Omni Channel and E-Commerce.

Industry Snapshot

Australians are making 90 million more visits to physical retail stores in the 2015/2016 financial year than they did in the year before that

86% of customers want experience stores

in 2015/2016, Australians spent $105bn on retail

Amazon is set to take a $12bn bite out of Australian retail revenue in the next decade